Dennis Maritime Oy Ltd

Strandvägen 24
21600 Parainen


Dennis Saari

CEO & Captain-Owner
+358 40 016 2882

DENNIS “The Big Boss (in office at least)”

I have been in the shipping business almost all my life and Captain-Owner since 1994 and still enjoy all the challenges this business gives me every day. Have been sailing as full time Captain till 2015 and running the business on board with my wife and children only having a few good people ashore at the office supporting this typical Dutch style of running the business. Last autumn the family signed off as the girls had to go to school and therefore I decided to land ashore but anyhow always ready to stand in as Captain if needed. The girls (Annika and Jennifer) are from the mothers side 12th generation and from the fathers side 6th generation seamen and have almost fully grown up on board like their mother did and will hopefully sometime be the future of this company. Shipping is my and my whole family’s life and we still aim to do it for many years to come and therefore our whole Good team try to do our best so that our customers like to use our service again and again and again.


David Saari

Crewing & Operations
+358 40 566 5879

DAVID “The break bulk artist”

Started in the Shipping to support his brother, Dennis, although he could barely walk due to young age. Further worked himself up to Captain and today knows the way to keep vessel well maintained in Captain owner style. Today his expierience of loading project cargoes have been one of his top jobs  planning and making stowage plans for new cargoes beside his work as crew manager, even he still work as Captain on board sometimes.


Maija Rossi

+358 45 128 6322

MAIJA ”The one with brain”

Our head on the accounting department who joined us last summer without larger experience of the shipping business but now already know really good how the way shipping is working today, this thanks to her huge entusiasm and hunger to learn new things.


Andrea Tandefelt

Crew accounting
+358 50 599 4574

ANDREA “The freshening wind”

Our newest member at the office. Left her previous profession as a nurse to face fresh challenges at the crew and accounting department.